How it works

The Circles Model

Circle Leaders

An individual or family currently experiencing poverty and is committed to gaining an income of at least 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Resource Teams

Groups of diverse volunteers who contribute vital assistance, fresh ideas and vision to the Circles initiative.


An intentional friend; a volunteer looking for a meaningful impactful experience, which involves connecting with a Circle Leader, and providing support as the Circle Leader is working on goals.


Meal donations, service providers, children's program volunteers, and local resources that support a Circle Leader.

The Circles Model wraps a circle of support around a Circle Leader. The circle of support includes 2-3 Allies, resource teams, and the greater community. A Circle Leader will go through 12 weeks of training which includes learning about the trauma of poverty, personal finance, SMART goals, workplace communication skills, conflict management, and relationship development. While Circle Leaders are going through training, Allies also receive training in order to increase their Poverty IQ. Ally Training includes learning about systemic barriers, the culture and trauma of poverty, as well as how situational and generational poverty differs. Through the social capital of an Ally as well as the support an Ally provides, a Circle Leader will have access to resources and opportunities they may not have had otherwise.