A Circle Leader is one who takes the lead in their own life to get out of poverty and change their life story.

Circle Leaders are individuals who are in generational poverty or situational poverty. They’ve tried their best and given it their all to improve the lives of themselves and their family.

A Circle Leader might be a mom with 3 children struggling to find flexible employment and childcare to make ends meet; a Circle Leader might be a set of grandparents in retirement trying to raise their grandchildren; or Circle Leader could be a 2 parent household trying to raise their 4 small children but have struggled with homelessness, substance use, or health concerns.  Often times, families just need connections to resources, employment, and a supportive network of friends. This is what Circles provides to Circle Leaders.


At Circles Salt Lake, we are looking for committed and motivated individuals who want to provide a better future for their family.

A Successful Circle Leader will:

  • Show up to weekly meetings and take advantage of available resources.
  • Set goals and make progress towards their individualized economic stability plan.
  • Act as a leader in their Circle and community.
  • Support other Circle Leaders and Allies.
  • Use their knowledge, skills, and voice to work on barriers that trap people in poverty.
  • Trust that their allies and Circles support are on their team and want them to succeed.


Benefits of Being a Circle Leader

  • Choose your own goals to work towards
  • Create your own individualized plan
  • Learn and acquire new skills
  • Gain access to community resources
  • Fulfill your short term and long term dreams
  • Make lasting and meaningful friendships
  • Establish a healthy support network of people you can count on
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Gain economic stability


Interest in becoming a Circle Leader?

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Below are frequently asked questions by previous Circle Leaders

How do I become a Circle Leader?

  • Potential Circle Leaders should contact one of the Circles Coaches over the Salt Lake City chapter to participate. Coaches will answer your questions, help determine your eligibility, and explain what steps to take next, or identify steps you can take to be better prepared for Circles in the future. Email us at info@circlessaltlake.org

What do I commit to as a Circle Leader?

Our Circle Leaders commit to attend weekly meetings, being open to sharing their story and discussing finances.  For more information, see our Participate page on our website or contact our coaches.

Where are the weekly meetings located and at what time?

Circles meetings are specific to the chapter you are a part of. The meetings occur one evening a week, for approximately 2 hours. Contact your local coach today to learn more details.

How will I be matched?

Circles Leaders are matched carefully by their Coaches with 2-3 Allies after they have completed their 12 weeks of Circle Leader training. A matching night will occur where the Allies and Circle Leaders come together to meet one another, and learn who they have been matched with. Strengths, needs, personalities, and other factors are taken into account when matching Circle Leaders with their Allies.

Will my Allies help me financially?

Allies provide friendship and non-monetary support for their Circle Leader. They are encouraged not to give money, but to connect you to others who can help with resource building.

How long will I be a part of Circles?

Circle Leaders are expected to be a part of Circles for a minimum of 12-18 months. It takes time to get to know your Circle Allies and develop the kind of trust necessary for Circles to work. It will take time for you to work through your plan and move to financial security. You will be given long-term support to build your resources and work on your plan. This is what makes Circles successful.

Can I bring my children to the meetings?

Of course! A free Children’s Program is provided at every weekly meeting. We have an excellent Children’s Program with curriculum. Your kids will not simply be “babysat”, but they will learn about meaningful topics each week including  bullying, nutrition, building relationships, etc. Our volunteers are background screened and dedicated to their work.

How do I know if Circles is the right fit for me and my family?

If you are motivated and feel stuck with where you are at financially, and want to provide a better future for your children, but need connections to resources and training to make it happen, then Circles might be a great fit for you. Contact your local Circles Chapter today to talk to a Coach about your questions and needs.