Resource Teams

Teams of volunteers dedicating their time, passion, strengths, and knowledge in supporting our Circle Leaders climbing out of poverty

Resource Teams are an important part of the Circles Model. Each of our five teams contribute skills, expertise, knowledge, and most importantly- social capital.

To gain the full Circles experience, we encourage all Circle Leaders to participate on a team.

Allies and Volunteers are welcome to contribute to a team but are not required. Contributing to a Resource Team is a great option for working professionals who may not have the time commitment to be an Ally. Time commitments for this volunteer opportunity include meeting on the fourth Thursday each month for Big View (if on Big View Team) and the second Thursday of each month for the other teams, and 3-4 hours per month of your own time to contribute to your team.

Community Team

Circles Meeting Volunteers

The Community Team consists of individuals who help set up and take down our Circles space each Thursday. They may also help secure donated meals, organize/plan the children's programming, and support the Circles Coach as needed during the weekly meetings. Those on the Community Team are crucial to our weekly meetings.

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Services Team

Service Providers & Community Partners

The Services Team identifies the existing services in the community and connects Circle Leaders to the programs that match their needs as they work their way toward financial and personal stability. The Services Team is made up of people who have a good understanding of the available resources in the community. And collectively, the team has a great network of contacts who work at the agencies that provide assistance. Some of the volunteers on this team may work for a social service agency; others may just have an interest in what’s available and a desire to help Circle Leaders navigate the options.

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Recruitment Team

Champions of the Circles Model

The Recruitment Team includes individuals who are comfortable and passionate about the Circles Model and want to expand our community. Recruitment is about relationship building. The Recruitment team recruits Circle Leaders, Allies, and Volunteers through networking and through community presentations. They work closely with the Circles Coach to ensure processes are followed in recruiting and to ensure new individuals are a good fit for our Circles Community.

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Jobs & Education Team

Employers & Educational Liaisons

The Jobs and Education Team is organized to assist Circle Leaders in identifying existing jobs and education pathways, provide soft-skill and planning support to pursue these pathways, and make referrals into community training and placement programs.

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Big View Team

Policy Makers & Community Champions

This team is established to identify and address community-wide barriers of moving out of poverty. Their most recent endeavor was helping plan, organize, and execute the panel discussion we had in October of 2022 on the Benefits Cliff Effect.

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