Circles Salt Lake

Our Inception

Circles Salt Lake is an initiative of the nonprofit organization Poverty Reduction Services. Circles® is a poverty reduction initiative designed to help people achieve upward mobility and self-sufficiency. Founded in 2017 and based out of Salt Lake County.

Our Mission

To reduce poverty throughout Salt Lake County. We do this by building bridges of friendship and community that support individuals and families on their journey from surviving to thriving.

Our Values

We believe strongly that responsibility for both poverty and prosperity rests not only in the hands of individuals, but also with societies, institutions, and communities. Circles Salt Lake is nonpartisan, not faith-based, and welcome everyone.

Our Network

Circles Salt Lake is one chapter of over 70 across the nation and parts of Canada. The Circles network is led by Circles® USA, which is the result of more than 25 years of research.

Escape Poverty

People who commit to end poverty for their family and enjoy lasting economic stability are called LEADERS.

Volunteer with us

We have one-time and ongoing meaningful opportunities for volunteer service. You can help make a difference!

Donate a meal

Your donation guarantees one balanced meal for each family to count on during the week.