What is an Ally?

An Ally is an intentional friend; a volunteer looking for a meaningful impactful experience, which involves connecting with a Circle Leader, by providing support as the Circle Leader is working on goals. An Ally only has to be a friend, a consistent supportive individual, able to collaborate and cheerlead a Circle Leader as the Circle Leader is leading his/her own plan towards economic stability.

What is a Matched Circle?

A Matched Circle is when a Circle Leader is partnered with his/her Allies! While Circle Leaders and Allies are receiving their respective trainings, the Circle Community learns more about one-another’s strengths and personalities. The Circle Leader, Allies, and Circles Staff share their observations on which Allies would be best to support which Circle Leaders. After opinions are in, then there is a fun, exciting Weekly Meeting focused on revealing whom is matched to whom. Of course, the matching happens well after we have done team-building exercises between Circle Leaders and Allies, Get-To-Know-You icebreakers, and other relationship building activities. The Matched Circle will then meet together during the Weekly Meetings to collaborate and update each other on progress towards goals.

What makes a good Ally?

To be a good Ally you only need to be able to be a good friend. Good friends are reliable, take a genuine interest in one-another’s well-being, help each other connect to resources, and provide support.

What is my weekly time commitment?

Allies are expected to attend the weekly two-hour meeting every week if possible. We understand there will be times you may have something come up or be out of town, but it’s important to be there as often as possible in order to develop meaningful relationships with Circle Leaders. Time outside weekly meeting is encouraged. Average weekly commitment of 2-3 hours.

Am I obligated to help my Circle Leader out financially?

Nope! In fact, we strongly discourage our Allies from giving money in any form to Circle Leaders. We encourage Allies to connect their Circle Leaders with community resources, or to talk with their Coach if questions of money donations comes up.

How do I become an Ally?

Becoming an Ally involves contacting your local Circles Chapter. The Circles staff will talk with you over the phone to learn about you and your interests. From there, the staff will schedule a time to meet with you and let you know when our next Ally training series will start.

How long will I be an Ally?

You will be an Ally to your Circle Leader for the duration of their Circles journey. However, your friendship will be indefinitely!

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