Become an Ally

An Ally is an intentional friend that wants to make a difference in someone’s life. An Ally emphasizes who they are, not what they do, and is committed to learning from someone experiencing poverty.

Commit to a minimum of 6 months

People experiencing poverty also experience instability. We want to provide them with something they can count on, which is your commitment to being their friend for 6 months at least.

Attend meetings twice a month

Two weeks of the month are dedicated to Circle Leaders and their Allies. We ask that you attend those meetings.

Is a friend, not a mentor

Being a mentor implies a power-dynamic, however, an Ally is a friend who is stepping in as an equal to support a friend.

Wants to increase their Poverty IQ

Through online and in person training, an Ally learns about poverty. The learning continues and doesn't stop after an Ally is matched with their Circle Leader.


Willing to undergo a background check

We commit to our community that it's a safe space and therefore do background checks on all adults.

Is not currently experiencing poverty

An Ally provides stability to a Circle Leader. If an Ally is also experiencing poverty, than it will be difficult for the Ally to give something that they do not have themselves.

Can read and write elementary English

Our programming materials are currently only available in English. We've found to be successful with the program, that individuals have an elementary level of English comprehension.

Lives in Salt Lake County

There are 6 other Circles locations in Utah. Circles Salt Lake serves those individuals living in Salt Lake County.

2024 Opportunities

Read success stories

We’ve been around since 2017 and have helped end the cycle of poverty for many individuals.

Meet the Circles team

Your Circles Coach, Volunteer Coordinator, and Executive Director want you to succeed with Circles.

Learn about Circle Leaders

Circle Leaders are individuals currently experiencing poverty but want a stable future for themselves and their family.