Circles, a 2gen approach!

We believe in supporting the parents and children involved with Circles. This model is commonly known as a two-generation approach. By addressing the needs of parents and children, we can improve the outcome for the whole family. The well-being of our parents is crucial to the children’s social-emotional, physical and economic well-being. And at the same time, the parents’ ability to succeed in school and the workplace is substantially affected by how well their children are doing.

Come support our youth at our Circles Weekly Meetings. Your friendship, patience, and compassion will make a difference to one of the children or youth involved with Circles!

Ask about volunteering!

Be a positive role model

We encourage our volunteers to role model the behaviors and actions to our impressionable children and youth! This will help them with their day-to-day actions outside of Circles nights.

Be a friend

Many of the children Circles supports are from another country or may have a disability (invisible or physical!), therefore, your friendship provides a positive relationship to them that they may not have at school!

Be present

We have just one hour a week to make an impression with our group of youngsters. Let’s put our phone away and be there in the moment with them.

Be adventurous

Try new things with the children and youth at our weekly meetings!

Be open-minded

We work with young people often from other cultures. Norms and behaviors might look different. Let’s be open and embrace these!

Be accepting

Our children and youth are people just like us and deserve to be treated as such! We accept them for who they are and cherish the uniqueness of each young mind.

“A person's a person, no matter how small.”

— Dr. Seuss