Meet Our Team

Circles is led by a passionate, dedicated group of people who believe that helping others get out poverty is more than just a job – it’s a calling.

Benjamin Sessions

Executive Director

Benjamin J. Sessions recently joined CIRCLES Salt Lake as the Executive Director. His excitement for Circles Salt Lake started when he learned about Circles’ Mission and the success the initiative has had helping people lead their own way out of poverty. Prior to working for Circles Salt lake, he worked as a business development and finance professional. Sessions graduated from the University of Utah and started his career as an Expatriate in China. He spent several years growing multi-national corporations in China and India. After living abroad, he worked in finance and built a real estate portfolio with projects in Florida, Georgia, and Utah. Sessions volunteers regularly in the community and is currently serving as the President of the Sugar House Chamber of Commerce and a Trustee on the Sugar House Community Council.

Noelle Leiser


Noelle Leiser currently oversees the Circles Salt Lake program as Coordinator. Her background and experience allow her to manage the program with empathy and decisive decision making prowess. She has deep knowledge of coaching, training, and communicating with people that are looking to improve their lives. Prior to working at Circles, Noelle worked at the Utah Department of Workforce Services as a Career Coach. She has taught hundreds of people how to grow in their roles by helping them set and achieve their goals. Her experience comes from first hand knowledge of joining Circles initially as a Circle Leader and then utilizing the program to grow into senior leadership roles.