Upcoming Events hosted by Circles Salt Lake

*None at this time*


Past 2022 Events

October 6th: Panel Discussion- The Benefits Cliff

      • Brief Description of Event: “Our panelists are struggling to get out of poverty and will share their experiences with the “Cliff Effect”. (The Cliff Effect occurs when a small increase in income triggers a disproportionate loss of benefits from sudden ineligibility for subsidized food, housing or childcare.) As we come together, listen to one another, and discuss the barriers and possible solutions, we can resolve poverty and create thriving families and thriving communities. Your participation in our discussion could make a big difference and likely add momentum to your other meaningful efforts.”

October 19th & October 26th: Ally & Volunteer Learning Opportunities

      • Brief Description of Event: “We will be exploring the Circles model: the roles of Circles Leaders, Allies, Children’s Program Volunteers, Resource Team members, and Circles staff. We’ll provide examples of success in each of these roles and answer questions. We’ll also have an activity which will demonstrate how you can support someone in poverty. To wrap up the evening, we’ll explore material from the Bridges Out of Poverty book.”